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The construction industry is traditionally an energy- and resource- intensive consumer sector. The construction represents an intervention in nature. TECNIBUILD is aware, as a construction services provider, of this fact.

From other side, investors, clients and users are paying more attention to environmental aspects - and recognized that sustainable construction leads also to a better economically performance.

Therefore TECNIBUILD is committed on a sustainable performance of our services taking into account environmental aspects. Thus TECNIBUILD’s activity provides a value for customers, employees and society, as well as our protection of the environment, we set the following goals:
• Prevention of waste;
• Prevention of pollution
• Reduction of CO2 emissions;
• Resource-conserving use of materials and equipment;
• Minimizing the interference with the surfaces in the immediate vicinity of our construction sites;
• Compliance with all legal guidelines.

To ensure the achieve of these goals, TECNIBUILD takes special attention to the implementation of measures such as the minimization
of transport services, the multiple use of resources, the strict observance of waste management practices, the conscious use
of electrical energy in connection with the increase of energy efficiency of equipment and the nature and species protection
on construction sites. At the same time we develop and improve methods and tools for monitoring our impact on the environment. Finally, our teams receive a high level of training and awareness to ensure that due emphasis is placed on protection of the Environment and site care/cleanliness.